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Consultation: Time change

The Academy is looking at how we can improve things for our students at lunchtimes.  At the moment all students have lunch at the same time.  This means they have to queue, often for a long time before eating and the dining room is over-crowded.   So too is the library where a lot of students go during their lunch break as there is little other indoor space for students to sit and chat.  I want to improve this and from the beginning of next term make lunchtimes a much better experience for students.


We are proposing that we split the lunch into two sessions, with KS3 having lunch at 12.30pm and KS4 and UAK6 at 1.30pm.  With half of the Academy on lunch at a time students will have more space to eat, chat with friends, work in the library or go outside to play.  We have also been trying out some new seating in the student reception area.  Due to its success we are ordering some more, so this will give students a new informal area in which they can spend their free time.


Another feature of the adjustment of our times of day will be that the Community time will be brought forward to the morning and we are looking at how we can use this time more profitably with students.   Although the start of the Academy day at 8.45am will stay the same, lessons will finish at 3pm on Monday to Thursday.  On Fridays we will finish 20 minutes earlier as normal.


If you have any comments about this proposal to adjust the timings of the Academy day please get in touch with Jacqui Chang, Assistant Principal by 23rd March.  Provided that there are no major objections we would like to start this when we return from the Easter School Holiday on 16th April 2012.  We are certain this will make lunchtimes a much better experience for our students.

Diagram: How the new day would look (.PDF)